Temporary solutions

Nine Yards offers you the possibility to bring the skateboard scene close to you, by building temporary solutions or by the rental of existing obstacles. In this way, companies and events can respond to the growing popularity of skateboarding among young people. The popularity has increased even more with the announcement that skateboarding became an Olympic sport during the Tokyo Games in 2020.

MINIRAMP | Halfpipe | Megaramp

Miniramp rental

With its height of 1 meter, this mini-ramp can be used all-purpose. He can be used creatively by starting and experienced skaters.

Nineyards Skatepark Verhuur Miniramp Skateboard Evenement

Halfpipe rental

A half pipe is, for example, a good obstacle for demonstrations. Because of its large size, it is an eye-catcher at every event! 

Nineyards Skatepark Verhuur Halfpipe Skateboard Evenement

Megaramp rental

With this ‘monster build’ we have realized our own dream. A portable ramp of 15 meter!
Nineyards Skatepark Verhuur Megaramp Skateboard Evenement

Miniramp | halfpipes | megaramps rental

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Nine Yards is working for:

Nike SB
Red Bull
Profreestyle games
Pier 15