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Development and engineering

Nine Yards development and engineering has been working hard on the elaboration of adjustable/modular skateboard elements lately, we were able to deliver a variety of innovative objects. We are now capable of building skateboard elements that are adjustable in height, like ledges, manual pads, curbs etc. All skatepark obstacles are operated by a control panel. Administrators of the location can therefore easily adjust the park and tweak it to the needs of the skateboarders.

But next to adjustable heights there is also the possibility of adjusting obstacles in length for stairs or boxes. With these innovative mechanisms you are able to adjust a normal set of stairs into a double set. This also allows to install different sets of rails on the stair.

This allows us to create skateboard obstacles that grow with the learning curve of the athlete/skater. To embed this modular development a skatepark can grow along with its local talents.

Elements/obstacles like these can be applied in indoor and outdoor skateparks, but are mainly focussed on training facilities and indoor skateparks. 

Adjustable skateparks

Nine Yards Skateparks build adjustable objects for

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