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Build unique places for skateboarders on a competitive skating track. Nine Yards designs, realizes and advises in the development of indoor skate tracks with an international allure.

The team of Nine Yards has experience in the developing of indoor skate courses. A lot of experience has been gained with the realization of Pier15 in Breda, Indoor skate hall Oostende, Ladybird in Tilburg and La Louvière in Belgium.


With this, the "rhythm" of the street course is accessible from beginner to expert. A balance is sought between functionality and aesthetics, where material and use of color are central. In addition, we take into account the innovation such as durability, use of light and a low-maintenance design.


During the developing of an indoor skating track, there is one central common goal: The creation of a beautiful place. The Nine Yards team has a lot of experience in the developing and exploit of indoor skating tracks. With the realization of Pier15 in Breda, Indoor skate hall Oostende, Ladybird in Tilburg and La Louvière in Belgium, a lot of experience has been gained.

Economic and ecological sustainability are two important and self-evident aspects for us, in the design and realization of new skateparks. We seek this sustainability in the use of renewable and ecological materials, and in the smart use of energy-saving and environment-friendly measures.

Safety requirements & Standards

Nine Yards ensures that every realized skatepark meets the safety requirements and regulations. Each park gets an inspection in advance AND a final inspection before the opening. All parks in the Netherlands must comply with the NEN 14974 standard for playground equipment. In this specification, the guidelines are described that a skatepark must meet.

Total concept development

We can also carry out the further development, to increase the facilities of the indoor skate park in addition to the realization of the park. Think of the interior design, foyer, and everything that is needed for a successful event. This will create a place where everything comes together.

Do you want more information about our approach or view our portfolio? Take a look at Nine Yards Customs. 


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