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The realization of Skateparks in an outdoor space starts with the understanding of the local needs. 
Nine Yards believes that the designing of skateparks must have a seamless integration into the landscape. With a appropriate design and the use of unique materials, skate facilities are realized for everyone who is involved.

When it comes to the realizing and designing of skateparks in an outdoor area, Nine Yards has a lot of experience to offer.  In the past years, various (International) skateparks have been designed and realized. Discover more about our vision in the realization of skate facilities in the outdoor area. 


Our core business is the realization of skate parks and skate facilities made of wood or in-situ (sprayed liquid concrete). From initial design to actual construction, the creative and constructive process is our strong side. We strive to make every park fit perfectly in the local streetscape, together with landscape architects. This means that every Nine Yards Skatepark is unique and anything but 'prefab', no matter what the budget is! 

The most important advantages of a public skatepark:

  • All desired shapes and sizes are possible
  • Fully integrated skatepark into the public space
  • Not vandalism-sensitive  
  • Every skatepark is unique in design and realization


In this, we strive to make the skatepark a full part of the public space. We start with a spatial analysis of the environment, in which the skatepark needs to be placed.

The basis for the main structure of the skatepark will be formed by routes, relations, intersections and lines of sight from the context. The location obviously determines the rough frames of the skatepark. However, we don't think in square meters, but in routes, connections, intersections, encounters, and opportunities for interaction and urban dynamics that make a skatepark unique.

The connection with the directly conterminous public space is essential in this. We always make this a part of the design. In this way, the skatepark becomes a valuable and additional link for the city.


As we say " the public space as a part of the skatepark" we assume a design for a skatepark that looks like a public space that is based on a common use for skaters and other people, and that you also can find elsewhere in the city.

Because this public space is specially designed for skaters, it's a dream come true for any skater. On the other hand, it will be a nice place for a walk if you don't prefer skating

A place, as a part of the city which gives a quality impulse to the environment, and contributes to the urban dynamics. The design is created in a series of a number of meetings with the local skaters. The wishes of the local skaters have a central spot in the design, in addition to the above principles, All these wishes are included and processed in the design. Each park is unique and is specially designed for the respective location.

Anchoring in the municipality

Together with our landscape architect, we strive to make the skatepark a full part of the township and municipality. Because of the fact that we don't think in square meters but in routes, connections, and opportunities for interaction, we make every skatepark unique.

An absolute pre-condition is the connection with the directly adjacent public space. That's an important note in the total design! 

Choice of material

The choice of material for realizing a public skatepark has an aesthetic and functional value. In the history of skateboarding, the material properties and quality are decisive. For example, the choice of materials has a big influence on the amount of "pop" you can get out of a trick, the comfort of driving and the overall quality of the park.

Concrete has the basic feature that it is smooth and gives a lot of grip at the same time. This offers a great driving comfort, you can "slide" on it and it gives a lot of "pop" where you want to drop off or want to land as the most important property. Concrete is the perfect material for skating, and for creative building. Provided in a smart way, it's also good to use for modularly building. In addition, the material is also extremely suitable for use in different colors and color patterns.

Not a single material grinds as good as steel. Steel doesn't nearly wear-out and is extremely suitable to make the most creative forms.

Granite comes from the long history of "street skating" and can not be missed in a park. World famous spots such as Macba square in Barcelona and the Stalin square in Prague, have been decisive for the influence of granite for skating.  In aesthetical ways, granite is a beautiful material, and contributes substantially to the "street" and "grind" feeling, but is more wear-sensitive than steel.

Out of history, parks are built in wood. It is relatively inexpensive and lends itself perfectly for an easy and quickly build, or to break it down again. Suits well for building quarters and other free forms. The comfort of riding is comparable to concrete and ensures a fine landing.

Brick applied as a wall, think of the "china wall", can contribute especially in an aesthetically way to the "street" feeling. We think it might be interesting to use brick constructively in the substructure of obstacles.

From a training point of view, plastic can be an interesting material. It's super hard and smooth, and it's durable.


Economic and ecological sustainability are two important and natural aspects for us, in the design and realization of new skate parks.

This not only involves the use of ecologically produced or manufactured concrete, wood, foam and other fillers but also through the smart use of self-generated energy in relation to an evenly and consistent lighting and climate control of the park.

Safety requirements & Standards

Nine Yards ensures that every realized skate park fully meets the safety requirements and regulations. Each park gets an inspection in advance AND a final inspection before the opening. All parks in the Netherlands must comply with the NEN 14974 standard for playground equipment. The guidelines for a park are described in this specification.

Skatebanen gerealiseerd in Etten-Leur.

The importance of a skate facility in a neighborhood or municipality.

Social importance

Bringing together people from different layers of the population for a positive common goal contributes to a shared sense of responsibility. This reduces the chance of vandalism and results in a shared respect for the public space.

Sporting importance

A skatepark allows more people to be active in sports. This promotes the maintenance of good health and a healthy physical activity. Skateboarding is a relatively young sport that is still in full development, and with a growing interest. It's even an official Olympic sport right now!

Social pedagogical importance

A skate park ensures that people of different ages and cultures, come in contact with each other in a positive way. This ensures greater mutual understanding and respect, which makes a constructive contribution to the fight against street crime and anti-social or "bored'" behavior.

PR importance

With the arrival of a skatepark, a municipality becomes more attractive for skaters from inside and outside the municipality. Skateboarding brings dynamism to the streets and symbolizes a freedom ideal with which many can identify. The arrival of a park can give a municipality a lot of positive publicity and strengthen the image as an innovative and 'lively' municipality.


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