The first skatepark in Kingston, Jamaica

Nine Yards Skateparks support the Concrete Jungle Foundation (CJF), in building Jamaica's very first skatepark. CJF is a worldwide non-profit organization that use skateboarding to spread positivity and to stimulate development within underprivileged societies. 

Together with 25 voluntary skatepark builders from all over the world, CJF realizes skateparks in countries where there is insufficient funding for projects like these. All material costs being made are funded by a large group of partners supporting CJF. Nine Yards has connected as partner to CJF to help fund these social projects. 

Build the dream, build Freedom Skatepark!

Nine Yards sent the brothers, Gijs and Bob Zevenberger on this beautiful mission and carry their expertise and passion into the execution and build of the Freedom Skatepark. In no more than 6 weeks a whole skatepark of over 1000m2 will be built. This skatepark will be donated to the Jamaican citizens to become acquainted with skateboarding.

To help support this project Nine Yards designed a t-shirt to gather extra fundings for CJF. All proceeds will be donated to CJF.

Design Tee : Thunder & bold / Jim Arendse

Would you like to support CJF with any of their projects? Check out their platform here.

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