Poolcafe | Rotterdam 

Poolcafe Rotterdam | The Rotterdam Pooligans known for hosting their annual bowl events, have made their longtime dream reality, by opening the Poolcafe. 

The Poolcafe is connected to the Weelde and is a cultural hotspot in Rotterdam. 

Together with the Pooligans we worked on this project from design to build. The space was completely refurbished with the Bowl, roughly 400m2, as centerpiece. Alongside the bowl there is a large staircase with skate-able steps. 

The Bowl is completely built out of wood, for the perfect rolling comfort, has two levels and is provided with a poolcoping and a traditional coping. The artwork in the bowl is designed and applied by the artist Thomas Trum and gives the Poolcafe its iconic appearance. 

After years of having to host outdoor events, the Pooligans can finally host their own events at their hometurf, the Poolcafe.

You can skate the Poolcafe in Rotterdam at the Marconistraat 39.


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