NIKE EHQ | Homecourt is a renovated city square that connects the offices and sports activities on the Nike Campus. The area is characterized by its authentic and inviting appearance, designed to stimulate skateboarders' creativity. This new hybrid area is built to be inviting to all audiences and a forward-thinking approach to public spaces, which will hopefully lead to many more similar areas.


It is called a skate landscape because of its combination between traditional architecture and skateboard architecture. The skate landscape is intended as a public space that incorporates varius skate-able elements. This makes it feel more like a skate spot rather than the traditional skatepark. All skate-able elements are based on shapes and object that have shaped skateboarding over the past decades, with the Aalto wave as its centerpiece.

Client: NIKE
Landscape design: Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture
Skatelandscape design: Floda31
Engineering: BK ingenieurs
Contractor: De Enk groen en golf
Contractor skatelandscape: Nine Yards skateparks
Art: Ruben Sanchez

Work in progress

Aalto Wave

Prominently featured in the skate landscape stands the Aalto Wave. Based on an overturning wave, the objects name is based off of the famous architect Alvar Aalto. With many influential designs Alvar Aalto unknowingly shaped a lot of modern skateboarding designs. Many shapes in the landscape can be traced back to him. 

It's all in the details

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