The road to Tokio | Olympics

In 2020 with the Olympics in Tokio; skateboarding makes it's debut as a discipline on the olympics. In collaboration with the Dutch Skateboard Federation and The Hague city, Nine Yards build a state of the art skatepark training facility to progress in the discipine. 

The skatepark was build in collaboration to provide the best way to train, progress and provide the best solutions for a street course. With innovation such as adjustable legdes and stairs, foam pit and customizable rails.

The skatepark is designed by SkateOn and Nine Yards, in collaboration with the Skateboard Federation Netherlands, in commission of the Municipality of The Hague. Main contractor of the skateparks was Skateon Skateparks, with Nine Yards as subcontractor.

Adjustable skatepark objects

Nine Yards Skatepark Co. has created a skatepark innovation to get maximum results from a training session. With the introduction of adjustable objects riders can tweak the length or height for a ledge or stairs.

The main goal was to provide a solution for TeamNL to gain a lot of flexibility to learn new tricks and provide feedback in an early stage. Our research showed that providing quick feedback loops is essential in progression.

It's all in the Details

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