10.000 square meters of Urban Sports Park

In the new district 'Stadsoevers' in Roosendaal, one of Europe's largest Urban Sports Parks has been built in 2021. Nine Yards Skateparks, together with the minicipality of Roosendaal, Gebroeders de Leeuw and Stichting Trickz have done everything to ensure a unique park. 

The Vlietpark is freely accessible for all ages and is already being called the green campus. Because of its sustainable character and the natural connections it makes between the various sporting facilities. Amongst the different facilities in the Urban Sports Park there are a lot of recycled materials to further contribute to this unique place and its future.

For several years we worked on the design for the skatepark in Roosendaal together with the local skaters, bmx- and scooter riders, in order to eventually create a diverse and spacious design. The rest of the Urban Sports Park was created with the input from local sports associations, educational institutions, entrepreneurs and groups of friends. As a result, there are different facilities in the Urban Sports Park such as: a 3x3 basketball court, breakdance stage, a bootcamp area, a local bar to consume food an drinks, various facilities for the smaller children and lastly numerous exercise equipment for senior citizens.

We as Nine Yards Skateparks are more than proud to have been able to carry out this project with all parties involved, it will not only bring urban sports to the heart of this district, but will be an attractive location for a very large part of Europe. The Municipality of Roosendaal is therefore more than satisfied with the arrival of this unique place. 

Eye-catchers of the park

In the middle of the Urban Sports Park is the observation tower located, that overlooks the entire area as well as a part of the city. A striking feature of the Vlietpark is the large area that the skatepark, free-run park, breakdance stage and basketball field occupy. With all these different high-end facilities sportsmen and women now can use, the municipality of Roosendaal have opened an area which will attract many athletes in the coming decade. 

With a skatepark of over 1200m2 in size, it is the largest public skatepark in Brabant. The design has taken all its users in account, making it a very inclusive park for skateboarders, bmx- and scoot-riders as well as inliners. As a result, the skatepark has many different obstacles and an open character.  

The free-run park of approximately 800m2 has different sections to facilitate all branches of the sport. In addition, Stichting Trickz, supplied the design, and kept in mind to design it for beginners and the experienced users of the area. 


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