The Volcom Garden Experience Euro Tour

Breda, Berlin & Bordeux

From the Netherlands, to Germany and ending in France. The Volcom Garden is a legendary event, normally hosted in America, it now has made its debut in Europe. On august 24th 2019, this once in a lifetime experience was brought to our very own Breda, at Pier 15 Skatepark.

In order to give the Volcom Bowl Battle a little extra flair we decided to surprise Volcom with their very own skate-able obstacle of their signature logo. The foto's don't lie, you had to be their for the full experience. 


Next to a lot of skateboard related market stalls there was a broad scala of bands that made a performance. With bands like King Kahn and the Shrines, Niko, Donna Blue, Leopard Ale, Pizza Knife and Mozes and the Firstborn there was a band for everyone's taste. 


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