Indoor-skatepark Beastwood in Brugge

The monumental Bruges in Belgium now has it's very own indoor skatepark, that will be open starting the beginning of June 2021. Together with the local municipality of Bruges, the skaters and Nine Yards Skateparks this park has turned into a real attraction for all skaters far and wide. 

The municipality of Bruges managed to find the rights location for this project and get it started. With a quirky design, that came about with the local skaters, the skatepark spans roughly 650m2. The fresh color scheme and out there materials makes the park stand out from the rest of its surrounding facilities. 

We as Nine Yards Skateparks are proud to have worked with all parties involved, to realize this project. This project brings the urban sports to the hart of the city. The city of Bruges is very pleased with the coming of this unique indoor skatepark. 


Nine Yards TV