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Nine Yards Skateparks B.V.
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Spinveld 49
4815 HV Breda
The Netherlands

Spinveld 21
4815 HV Breda
The Netherlands

KvK nr:  688 87 949
Btw nr:  NL 8576.34.306.B.01




  • I want a skate park in my own city. How do I go about it?

    Start by getting in touch with your city office. Inform them about the desire for a skate park. Want to take it a step further? Begin a petition! 

  • I'm looking for a custom design. How do I approach this?

    We're here to assist you in developing a custom design and its implementation. Contact us!

  • I want to work at Nine Yards, where can I apply?

    We are always looking for new talents, take a look at the 'vacancies' page for a behind-the-scenes view, current job openings, and required qualifications.

  • I want a ramp at my home, how do I build one?

    With our convenient ramp kits, you can easily build your own ramp, whether it's for your home or organization. With various sizes and materials to choose from, you'll soon have your own private skate park. Check out our webshop.

  • How much does a skate park cost?

    No skate park is the same. We create unique designs that stand out in your region. Contact us to discuss your plans, and we can provide you more insight.

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