Nine Yards Samcity Hoorn skatepark
Indoor skateparks
Design & Build
Nine Yards

Indoor skate park in SamCity; 3000 square meters of various sports disciplines


Nine Yards designed and built the skate park/BMX park at SamCity. An ambitious indoor facility covering various disciplines. In total, over 3000 square meters were developed, including a trampoline park, escape rooms, laser gaming, and a skate park.

Nine Yards Samcity Hoorn skatepark
Nine Yards Samcity Hoorn skatepark

The request form Samcity


On the third floor of the indoor SamCity facility, a brand new skate park was built. SamCity was looking for a design and construction partner that also considered other urban sports, such as BMX and inline skating. Nine Yards designed a skate park for all user groups and contributed to other disciplines within SamCity.

The realization by Nine Yards

We not only built a skate park in the under-construction building, but also designed the laser game area, the dining spaces, and provided the furniture. We completely supported SamCity and contributed to the overall concept. With our experience in delivering turnkey projects, there is now an ambitious and well-visited indoor facility where movement takes center stage.

Skatepark Samcity Hoorn Indoor Skatepark

SamCity in Hoorn

Nine Yards Samcity Hoorn skatepark


Suitable for skateboarding, inline skating, and BMX.

Nine Yards Samcity Hoorn skatepark

Indoor skate park in Hoorn

Samcity Skatepark Hoorn Indoor Skatebaan Nine Yards Skateparks

Indoor skatepark, SamCity Hoorn