Pier Parade 2022 salto op de trampoline skateboard event
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Nine Yards & Flatspot magazine
Breda, Nederland
Pier15 Skatepark
Bonk Skateshop
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Pier Parade festival at Pier15 skate park Breda

The first edition of Pier Parade took place on Saturday, July 16th 2022, and was a day to remember. Pier Parade is for everyone who shares our passions: skateboarding, music, partying, and surprises. Whether you're a diehard skateboarder or prefer the sidelines, this event is not to be missed.

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Pier 15 skatepark community Breda

The reason of the Pier Parade

After skateboarding's inclusion in the Olympic Games, the sport has become increasingly professional. This isn't a negative development, but it's crucial not to lose sight of the sport's essence: the fun, the experience, and joy that come with it. Our skate values must not be lost. That's why, in collaboration with Pier15 skatepark, Flatspot Magazine, and Tampa, we organized the one-day festival, Pier Parade, to shine a spotlight on the lifestyle alongside competition.

The event

During the festival, we went all out, resulting in the perfect blend of skateboarding, music, sunshine, beer, and entertainment! All ideas converged at the Pier15 skatepark grounds in Breda, and they were embraced by more than a thousand visitors. Specifically for this event, Nine Yards Skateparks constructed three unique obstacles for the contest, including a trampoline (?!) and an adjustable-height rainbow rail. Welcome to Pier Parade!

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Wouter de Jong - Indy bank to bank.

Pier Parade 2022 skateboard event woody hoogendijk met fakkel

Woody the hype-man.

Nine Yards Pier Parade 2022.7

Fun in the pool.

Nine Yards Pier Parade 2022.10

Tim Zom - Feeble grind to fakie.

An event where every skateboard enthusiast can find their place!

Flatspot Magazine

Also a customized event?

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