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Outdoor skateparks
Township Zwijndrecht
Zwijndrecht, Belgium
Design & Build
Nine Yards
Area skate park
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Spacious Urban Sports Park in Zwijndrecht

The Urban Sports and Play Park for Zwijndrecht will be one big invitation to get moving starting from the autumn of 2023. An urban hotspot spanning a whole hectare, featuring an outdoor skatepark, basketball court, soccer fields, and a mountain bike trail.

Urban Sports Park Belgie Zwijndrecht Nine Yards Skateparks
Urban Sports Park Zwijndrecht Nine Yards Skateparks Belgie skateboarder Yeelen Moens

The request from the township of Zwijndrecht

One of the largest urban sports parks in Belgium is situated in Zwijndrecht. Initially, the municipality was only looking for a skatepark, but Nine Yards took a hands-on approach to this project. By actively collaborating and being transparent with the municipality, we contributed to expanding this facility and taking this place to a new level.

The realization by Nine Yards

Nine Yards contributed to the overall integration of the sports park. We didn't just think within the confines of the skatepark but considered the entire area. How can we connect different areas and sports facilities, for instance, through material and color choices.

Skatepark Zwijndrecht Belgie Nine Yards Arthur Bultynck
Skatepark Zwijndrecht Nine Yards Skateparks Stuart Walker
Nine Yards Portret Jim Arendse

Interested in an Urban Sports Park as well?

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