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Outdoor skateparks
Township Kampen
870 m2
Nine Yards

Skatepark midden in het Groene Hart van Kampen


Outdoor skate park developed for the township of Kampen. The custom concrete skate park was developed in consultation with local skaters and residents under the leadership of Skatedays. As a result, a unique skatepark has been created in the Green Heart of Kampen.

Nine Yards outdoor
Skatebaan Kampen Nine Yards Skateparks gemeente sportvoorziening skateboarden

The request from township Kampen

An design by Skatedays and a super green location in Kampen are the ingredients for a successful skate park. However, the municipality faced a challenge: the peat soils of The Green Heart. Nine Yards conducted the right load capacity study in the project area. Prior to this, we conducted a soil investigation. Based on this, the skate park was engineered.

The realization by Nine Yards

Nine Yards developed a skatepark with as little ground impact as possible, all while focusing on sustainability. For instance, due to the marshy ground, we used EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) instead of rubble as foundation material. We utilized lightweight construction materials to minimize the overall mass and footprint of the skatepark.

In collaboration with local skaters and residents, under the guidance of Skatedays, a unique skatepark has been created.

Nine Yards outdoor skatepark Kampen

Diego Broest - Power ollie

Nine Yards outdoor

Skatepark in the middle of The Green Heart from Kampen

Nine Yards outdoor skatepark Kampen

Granite Slappy curb

Nine Yards outdoor skatepark Kampen

Mauro Ruberto - FS Feeble

Hessel Nine Yards Skateparks Uitvoerder

Hessel van der Veer

Hessel van der Veer
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