Outdoor skatepark Deventer Nine Yards
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Outdoor skate park Deventer

Burnside skatepark advocated for an outdoor skatepark in their city, Deventer. Through a construction team contract, we brought this skate facility to life in a challenging logistics area, next to the hospital.

Outdoor skatepark Deventer Nine Yards

The request from township Deventer


The township of Deventer chose to collaborate with us because we could ensure the accessibility of the hospital and its surroundings. During the project, in addition to designing and building the skate park, we were responsible for safety & health plans, environmental management, and stakeholder communication.

The realization by Nine Yards

Good landscape integration was a priority during the design process, resulting in a fitting outcome for the surroundings. We made changes to the infrastructure, including relocating bike paths and conducting drainage work. The hospital remained easily accessible during construction, and they did not experience any disruptions. The project was completed without delays, and the skatepark now aligns well with the spatial plans and the surrounding environment.

Skatepark Deventer Rielerenk Nine Yards Skateparks Burnside Overijssel
Skatepark Deventer Nine Yards Skateparks Burnside Rielerenk

It's all in the details

Skatepark Deventer Nine Yards Skateparks

Skate park Deventer

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