Roosendaal Skatepark Stadsoevers Urban Sports Park Nine Yards Skateparks
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Township Roosendaal
Roosendaal, Netherlands
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One of the largest urban sports parks in the Benelux

The Urban Sports and Playground for Stadsoevers has been a massive invitation to get active since the summer of 2021. It's a sprawling urban hotspot spanning two hectares, featuring an outdoor skatepark, freerunning course, 3x3 basketball courts, and a streetdance floor.

Roosendaal Skatepark Urban Sports Park Stadsoevers Nine Yards Skateparks
Roosendaal Skatepark Urban Sports Park Stadoevers Nine Yards Skateparks

The request from the township of Roosendaal

One of the largest urban sports parks in the Benelux is located in Roosendaal. The municipality developed an entirely new residential area around the station area, a neighborhood designed to appeal to both youth and the city. They first shaped the public space and then designed the residential area, creating immediate activity in the area nearby the city center. As part of this development, a brand-new outdoor skatepark was constructed, blending modern design with traditional elements

The realization by Nine Yards

Nine Yards contributed to the overall integration of the sports park. We didn't just think within the framework of the skatepark but also considered the entire area. Decisions regarding hospitality, soccer, and the use of old materials through urban mining. For this purpose, we utilized an old railway track and the former watchtower, which now serves as a true eye-catcher. Sustainability in every aspect. In the end, we were responsible for the complete NEN certification and safety certification of the sports park.

Nine yards outdoor skatepark Roosendaal

All obstacles are carefully prepared for the pouring.

Nine yards outdoor skatepark Roosendaal

The watchtower at the skatepark is a unique addition to the area.

Skatepark Roosendaal Build Beton Radius Float Quarter Pipe

The radius float developed by us in action.


Nine yards outdoor skatepark Roosendaal

The park is sustainable and in frequent use.

Nine Yards team Mathyn

Interested in a skatepark design as well?

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