Urban Sports Week Amsterdam 2019 

Right in the middle of Museumsquare in Amsterdam the Urban Sports Week was hosted by TIG-sports again in 2019. With this edition of the event Nine Yards Skateparks was again challenged with hosting the skateboard category of the Urban Sports Week.  

Working together with the Dutch Skateboard Commission, Nine Yards Skateparks set-up the format for the event. With certified judges and two dynamic hosts the skateboard event truly came to fruition. The design of the course was left up to our team and knows different layers of difficulty, this way the course invites creative usage of the obstacles and routes. 

The event was spread out over 3 days, with on the first day a best trick hosted for all the local skaters in collaboration with legendary skateshop Ben-G. Especially for this best trick, and to give back to the Amsterdam skatescene, an obstacle was developed that would stay in Amsterdam, Skatepark Noord, after the event. The steep bank was skated by a lot of the riders, and features Ben-G's signature colors. 

Ben-G Best Trick

Qualifications and Finals

It was a heavy battle during qualifications, with international rollers the jurypanel was up for a big challenge to choose the finalists. But after this intense day everybody was rewarded with a full fledged afterparty at the Skatecafe.

During the finals day Douwe Macare got away with the victory and got first place. 

Nine Yards Skateparks gets an enormous amount of energy from events like this, we are able to fully cover a project like this and help you set it up. Wij help the organization of USWA now for over 2 years and have the know how to bring together a wonderful event. 

Qualification and Finals

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