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Transformation Skateshop Twits

In the center of the Belgian city of Leuven, Jones has been owner of his well-known skate shop, Twits, for many years. This leading store is a phenomenon among many skaters in the Benelux. After having the same interior for years, it was time to revamp the store, create a smarter layout, and update the design. The result is impressive, with custom skate obstacles in the shop.

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Twits Skateshop Leuven Nine Yards Skateparks

Skateshop in the center of Leuven

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Leuven, SkateShop Twits stands as a mecca for skateboarding enthusiasts and a testament to the thriving skate culture in this historic city. With its unwavering dedication to the sport and a well-earned reputation for quality products and expert knowledge, Twits is the go-to destination for skateboarders of all levels.

The importance of an independent skate shop

What sets Twits apart is the passionate team of staff who live and breathe skateboarding. They're not just store employees; they are your fellow skaters, ready to offer advice, guidance, and tips. For this reason, it's important that we embody this lifestyle in the interior and maintain this accessibility in the design execution. Skate shops are unique in that, in addition to being a store, they also, in a way, serve as a clubhouse for skaters from the region.

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