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Outdoor skate park Middelburg

With the old skatepark removed from Middelburg, the municipality urgently needed a new skatepark. We realized this facility through a construction team agreement, surrounded by a green oasis.

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The request from township Middelburg

The Municipality of Middelburg chose to collaborate with us because we could guarantee a fast delivery. During the project, in addition to executing the design and constructing the skatepark, we were responsible for, among other things, H&S plans, environmental management, and stakeholder communication.

The realization by Nine Yards

Swift realization was crucial for this project because the previous skatepark had been removed due to pressure from local residents, leaving the municipality without a skatepark for several months. To show support for the local users, Nine Yards prioritized this project and it was essential to minimize any delays and deliver the skatepark within the specified period.

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Also an outdoor skatepark at your township?

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