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Township Bunschoten-Spakenburg
Bunschoten-Spakenburg, Nederland
Nine Yards

Skate park Bunschoten, a design created in collaboration with the local community.

In 2023, the vibrant skate park in the township of Bunschoten-Spakenburg became reality. This facility was brought to life through collaboration with the local community. Featuring obstacles for various disciplines, this skate park offers a multitude of opportunities. Its spacious layout ensures that even on busy days, many skaters can continue to enjoy the facility.

Bunschoten skatepark Nine Yards Skateparks
Bunschoten Skatepark Nine Yards Skateparks Outdoor Overview obstacles

The inquiry from the township

Bunschoten, situated almost in the heart of the Netherlands, approached us to collaborate on revitalizing their outdated skate park. The location is centrally positioned and easily accessible by public transportation. By working together with the local skaters and the municipality to understand their desires, we were able to establish a contemporary facility. The pigment in the flooring creates a serene appearance and contrasts effectively with the obstacles, ensuring clear orientation.

The realization by Nine Yards

During the winter months, intensive efforts were made to bring this skate park to realization. To prevent frost damage to the concrete, as many obstacles as possible were prepared beforehand. Following that, on days with milder weather conditions, the concrete pours were executed. As a finishing touch, pigment was added to the concrete floor to give the skate park a distinctive appearance.

Bunschoten skatepark Nine Yards Bert Wilmink Noseblunt
Bunschoten Skatepark Nine Yards Skateparks Opening
Bunschoten Skatepark Nine Yards Skateparks Bert Wilmink One Footed Ollie