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Outdoor skateparks
Township Diest
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Nine Yards

Outdoor skate park located in the green surroundings of Warande sports park

An outdoor skatepark in the wooded surroundings of Warande sports park. Together with local skaters and residents, we shaped this concrete park. Nine Yards took on both the design and construction.

Nine Yards outdoor skatepark Diest
Nine Yards outdoor skatepark Diest

The request from township of Diest

A big sports park located in a wooded area with an old skatepark that was in need of replacement. The local authorities faced a challenging task. They sought a partner who could take care of both the design and construction with a focus on nature conservation.

The realization by Nine Yards

Nine Yards ensured that the concrete skate park stands out from skate parks in the region. Through a unique design, it blends seamlessly into the wooded surroundings while offering a distinct addition to the skate locations in the area. During construction, accessibility was a challenge due to the green environment. However, our professional equipment and practices allowed us to minimize our impact on nature

Nine Yards outdoor skatepark Diest

By utilizing professional equipment, such as our warehouse container, the green surroundings remained undisturbed.

Nine Yards outdoor skatepark Diest

Jay de Keijzer - Back Smith

Nine Yards outdoor skatepark Diest

Outdoor skate park Diest

Nine Yards outdoor skatepark Diest

Sports park Warande in Diest