Skatepark at Rielerenk 

Across Deventer's Hospital, in the summer of 2021 a new full-fledged skatepark has been built for it's local scene. Together with the Municipality of Deventer, Burnside Constructions and Nine Yards Skateparks this skatepark was realized. Not only the city but also all the skaters from the surrounding area will be more than happy to use the park. 

After an extensive preliminary stage, where the design was fully reviewed with Burnside Constructions, the diverse skatepark of over 950m2 was realized.

With a large bowl section in the back of the park, creative solutions to street obstacles and the iconic Burnside 'B', this has become a great challenge for local users from Deventer and the surrounding area.

We as Nine Yards Skateparks are proud to have worked with all parties on this project, and to be able to build a skatepark to such an iconic city as Deventer. The municipality is more than thrilled with the end result. 


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